Meet our owner - Danielle (Filip) Gregor MBA, NIC-Advanced

Danielle (Filip) Gregor, is the owner of CART Solutions LLC.  As a grandchild of Deaf adults, Danielle values access to communication for the communities in which she lives and works.  Danielle currently works as a Certified ASL interpreter in the Pittsburgh region, in addition to managing CART Solutions.  Her background in business and organizational transformation give her the knowldedge necessary to tailor CART Solutions' services to fit your needs.  A graduate of Washington and Jefferson College and later Chatham University, where she obtained her MBA, Danielle decided to stay in Pittsburgh and work to ensure access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities of Pittsburgh.  She is known for being an advocate for the rights of these communities, whom she calls her friends and family.  Her emails are signed "Working to ensure communication access for the Deaf in Pittsburgh, not sure how it affects you - ask me!" and she means it.  Recently elected Chair of the ASTM F43.06 Subcommittee on Captioning Danielle is actively invovled and committed to excellent service!