Here are some hints for a smooth CART experience in a few environments:

  • Classroom

Provide textbooks and syllabus/course outlines in advance. Allow the student to choose a seat where he or she can read the CART screen and see the instructor in the same line of vision. Speak clearly and at a moderate rate. Face the student whenever possible and keep your hands and books away from your face. Write new and unusual words on the board.  CART Solutions can serve as a resouce in providing other helpful hints, but do not be afraid to ask the student what works best for him or her.


  • Meeting

Provide agendas, handouts, speeches or other material beforehand to CART Solutions so that the provider can prepare his/her dictonary so that the transcription is as smooth and close to realtime as possible.  Allow the participants to choose their seats and make sure ample space is provided for the CART provider.  If you have more than one or two consumers, it may be necessary to project onto a screen.  CART Solutions will work with you to help determine what's best for your situation.  Do not be afraid to ask your participant what works best for his or her communication needs. 


  • Additional Hints

Speak directly to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing person. Do not speak through the CART provider. If an answer is required, pause to enable the consumer to read the question on the CART screen so he or she can respond.

Only one person should speak at a time.

Provide sufficient breaks for the CART provider.

Be alert to the fact that the CART provider acts as the “ears” of the consumer. Any whispers, utterances or laughter overheard by the CART provider will be displayed for the consumer.

Providing CART should be smooth and seamless, you should never feel burdened by having a provider in your situation.  When all else fails, ask -- the only silly question is the one you don't ask -- remember, the Deaf or Hard of Hearing person manages his/her communication needs daily if you simply ask they will probably tell you what will work best for him/her.