CART in the Post Secondary Education realm is our specialty!

CART Solutions strives to keep providers and students together for the duration of course work.  Thus forming a rapport as well as baseline knowledge of the topics which ultimately means the HIGHEST quality service.

  • Letters of explanation are sent to professors at the beginning of each semester describing our role.
  • Providers work with students to determine schedule for transcript provision (deadline and format)

With CART in the classroom the student gets “2 for 1” access.

  • The goal is communication access NOT advantage!
    • If the student is not present, a transcript is not provided.
  • Transcript provision serves as a means for notes
    • No additional note-taker needed!
    • Only 1 service provider in the classroom.
  • Student is able to devote attention to the lecture and not have to struggle to read the text while writing notes.
  • Provider needs access to electricity, a chair and a desk.
  • Student reads CART from the laptop of the provider.
    • Depending on the provider this can be wireless.

So you might be asking, how do I get CART for myself?

  • Make a request to the Disability Service office – simple
    • If they do not know where to access a qualified provider, pass on our name.
  • What happens if they say no? Or ask a student to type what’s being said.
    • Remind them of the ADA and your rights (see Resources)
  • Or give us a call and let us do the educating